If you have struggled to lose weight and keep it off, you are not alone! In fact, evidence indicates that as many as 85% of dieters are unable to sustain meaningful long term weight loss.

A dieter's inability to maintain healthy eating behaviours has historically been blamed for this failure, however evidence has been accumulating that normal physiological responses to calorie restriction, especially an increased appetite, is primarily responsible for sabotaging weight loss over the longer term.

The WeightLoss Nutritionist offers consultations which are designed to optimise weight loss using techniques and recipes which should reduce hunger, decrease calorie intake and promote sustainable long term weight loss.

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Losing weight does not mean food deprivation and hunger.

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Consultations, dietary analysis and eating plans.



Comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle evaluation and reporting.


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After years of constant dieting with fluctuating weight loss and weight gain, my experience with the WeightLoss Nutritionist made me realise I had been following the wrong approach all this time. I now don't count calories but have still managed to reach my target weight and keep it off.

Beverley (37)

I've learned so much about weight control through my sessions. As well as the massive improvement in my diet, I think my increased sleeping hours and how I now deal with stress are also factors in my weight loss.

Graham (61)

I was extremely impressed with the nutritionist's knowledge and expertise. My personal report and the recipes I've received are also very professional. It's early days for me but my weight loss is currently on course and I look forward to my follow-up sessions.

Sunita (50)

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